Hosting & Maintenance

Hosting Fees...

Unlike all other designers, once we have designed your site and obtained your domain name under our main hosting service, there are NO MONTHLY HOSTING FEES for you to pay for the first year.

We will host your site FREE for the first year and then after the first year the fee is only $75 per year (prepaid). The only additional expense fee after the first year is the annual domain registration fee (approx. $15@ year) which all site owners must pay each year to retain the site name.


If you prefer to retain your domain name on another server, other than our own, you will be responsible for any and all fees required for hosting the site on another server.

OUR HOSTING FEE IS ONLY ....$75.00 prepaid, after the first year

Maintenance Fees...

Once a new web site has been completed and is on line often the client finds over time that they want to add or subtract something on the site. Adding new photographs, videos, change text content, or even add an additional page takes the expertise of HTML coding in order to properly make these changes to the site without turning the pages into gibberish. Without that knowledge, or even the time to make those changes, it is best to allow us to make them for you. Afterall, we designed the site and know it's workings inside out. For a very modest fee we will make any and all changes requested in a very timely manner.

If you DO have the knowledge and software to handle your own maintenance then we will provide you with all your web site files on either a CD or DVD so you can make your changes. Keep in mind, if you handle your own maintenance you will still have to pay the hosting fee unless your site is transferred to another hosting service. If you do decide to handle your own maintenance and require our assistance to correct any errors you made, there will be a charge for our time and service must be pre-paid and is non-refundable, prior to any corrections being made.


$50.00 @ month minimum - contact us for a quote based on your content and update requirements.

Monthly maintenance fees for sites requiring regular changes to schedules, pricing, photos, etc. are submitted thru electronic (email) invoice at least 15 days prior to due date for either monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual payments and are non-fundable except as listed below in the CANCELLATION OF MAINTENACE SERVICES noted below. Maintenance Fees are due no later than 5 days after due date noted on the invoice. Failure to submit any required payment after 15 days from due date will result in suspension of the customer's web site display on the internet until past due amount and any late fees are paid in full.


Cancellation of our maintenance services must be in writing and delivered via postal mail at least 30 days prior to desired cancellation date. Our address is on all invoices and on our CONTACT US page as well. Maintenance Fees are non-refundable for monthly or quarterly payments. Semi-Annual or annual payment refunds are on a pro-rated basis and must be submitted at least 60 days prior to cancellation date. Contact us for further details on the pro-rated fees.